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...for the love of jun... mishi style!

August 30th, 2026

Introduction to JunShi

yummy back
Delicious links to scans, downloads, and fanfics are on the right side.


As of 02/26/2010 - I have re-uploaded and updated the links to most of the SCREENCAPS downloads and the Kangeki no Arashi - Arashi no 10 nen scans are up! Working on more scans and rips.


Taihen desu yo!! All my MU files got deleted (accidentally.) So please bear with me as I try to re-upload all the downloads -_-. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[x] New LJ account. Fanfic Dump
[x] Scanned Men's Non no April 2010
[x] Obakakkoi - Mishi Style. Umm yeah.
[x] Kangeki no Arashi! - A RA SHI no 10 nen - SCANS
[x] Finish the Fight. Link to the Fic page is on the sidebar. Chapter 43-93 are at Aibakaland
[x] "My Beloved" is up! Check it out! Link to the main page is on the sidebar. Newer updates are at Aibakaland. Gomen. I'll try to update here when I have time.

Most posts are actually Friend-Locked.

You can add me if you want but that doesn't guarantee you an add back. If you do add me, comment so I know you have and for what reason. Do we have something in common? Do you read any of my fics? Crap like that, LOL. Also, generally I wouldn't add people who have a blank LJ account.

[x] Some downloads and scans
[x] Screencaps - mostly Juncentric
[x] Personal life issues
[x] Matsumoto Jun fanfics (Most are on Aibakaland.)
[x] Ummm... (-_-||)

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August 30th, 2012

Matsumoto Jun .GIFs

THANK YOU and I love you juninodaisuki for the .gif Please don't steal!

There are a few .gifs on the sidebar already, ne? I wanted to add more but I guess there's a limit. And since I'll be .gif-ing around once in awhile, I thought I'll make a post for them.

WARNING!: GIF heavy and it'd be best if you have a drool bucket.

This way to Jun heaven...Collapse )

May 11th, 2010

I am promoting!!!


I believe the title says it all XD No explanation needed right?

I will still be posting my fics at my fanfic LJ account AND also at Aibakaland (once their fanfic section is back up again.)

January 15th, 2010

Megaupload Files Deleted


Sorry all! I was trying out something on my MU account and before I knew it, I've deleted all the ARASHI vids, scans, caps that I've uploaded!

I'll have to re-upload everything again!!


But I won't be doing it tonight. Most likely on Sunday or Monday.


August 31st, 2009

Arashi on Stepmania

This is just too cool, I have to share! Amazing XD

And if you go to its channel, he/she also has one for Truth!

Watch it in HQ!


August 28th, 2009

I've been stalking the net while I was at work (Eh~? I know right?) and decided to share the links that I have found so far.

Hai dozo...Collapse )

August 25th, 2009


He's letting his hair grow.

He's got stubble on AnS.

He has a lot more than stubble in the HnA preview for next week.


I have no screencaps.

I am waiting for HQ!

Gimme HQ!!!


(Jun quote in subject is from VIP Arashi with Marie as guest.)

SEXY JUN with stubble here!!! If you go to recent entries, there's also sexy Jun with stubble gifs!! XDDD

Thanks to r_1_ss_a for the link to some yummy clear caps!!

Caps credit to Gachapin CB. Too bad I'm not a member of her CB *sigh* It's hard knock's life for us XD I can't read Korean and so I have no clue how they can approve me as a member. I shall wait for other sources. MAAAAANNNNN!!!!

July 1st, 2009

I got my "Everything" single today!


Download info and link in here...Collapse )

May 28th, 2009

My Crazy Moon single was delivered today!!! YAY!!

So I'm sharing the PV! Very HQ. 278MB in .VOB (You can play this on VLC player or Media Player Classic.)

Link in here...Collapse )
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